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Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.

Please be aware that we are currently unable to process resident permits in the usual timescales. As such we have made arrangements that all resident permits will be recognised by Enforcement as valid for an additional 14 days beyond the expiry date printed on them. This applies to all permits with an expiry date between 3 September 2021 and 30 September 2021. Permits with an expiry of 30 September will be seen as valid until 14 October 2021. However you MUST still complete and send the necessary application form and evidence as detailed below.  We aim to process new applications and visitor permit requests within 10 working days.

Please be aware that Information Services (formally One Stop Shops) are currently unable to:

  • take payments
  • send documents in the post

All permit applications and the required proof can be posted to the address provided on the application form.  Or you can scan and email it to

There are many residents parking zones in Cornwall.

More information about how the zones operate is below.  

Check you are eligible and find out what permits are available

Please enter your postcode below and then select your address to see if it is within a resident parking zone.

If it is, you will see which resident permits are available, and how to apply. 

Visitor permits

If you are eligible to buy visitor permits you can do so by using the application form which applies to your area.

If you are a resident who does not have a full resident permit you can still apply for visitor permits using the resident permit application form.

Care organisations

You can also find out if the resident you are caring for lives in a resident parking zone.  Please use the post code checker below.

If they do, you can apply to us to register your staff to use our mobile phone system to park whilst carrying out care duties.

Care Organisations do have to meet an eligibility criteria for approval for this.

Please use the contact details below for more information and to request an application form.

Evidence you will need to provide

Each time you apply for a resident parking permit you will need to provide evidence that you are eligible.  If you don't your request will not be processed.

V5C – vehicle log book

  • You will need to send us a V5C, showing that your vehicle is registered to your address
  • You will not be issued a permit if you do not provide a copy of this

If you do not have your V5C or you have not amended your address you will need to contact the DVLA.

DVLA web pages

V5Cs with your address handwritten on it or Insurance documents will not be accepted.

Moving into a new property

Please contact us if you don’t yet have the specific evidence required. 

You can email us at

Company vehicles

If you have a company vehicle, instead of the V5C you will need to send us a letter from your employer on headed paper.  This must confirm that you work for them and the registration of the works vehicle you use.

This can be emailed to us at


If you do not have the V5C address change you will need to supply:

  • the V5C of the vehicle registered in your name at your usual address
  • a letter from the education establishment you are attending.  This must confirm that you are registered as studying with them. It must also confirm that you are registered with them as living at the eligible address.

How the zones work

All resident zones operate under the following guidelines and terms and conditions:

How the permits work

The Resident Parking zone quick guide provides the following information:

  • permit fees
  • permit allowances
  • vehicle changes permitted

How long will it take to get my permit? 

When we receive your application form it usually takes around 10 days to process:

  • new permits
  • renewal permits
  • visitor permits

Please apply in advance of when they are needed.  We cannot legally provide temporary permission for you to park in a zone until your current application has been approved.  Even if you have had a permit before. 

If you are moving into the zone soon please contact us if you need help with providing the necessary resident evidence documents we need.

It is your responsibility to make sure you have a valid permit to park in the zone. It is also your responsibility to remember to renew it when it expires. To be fair to all our customers we process permits in the order they arrive in to the office.  We cannot meet requests made by calls/emails to prioritise applications.  

Changes to your vehicle

If you change your vehicle you will need to have your permit changed to show the new vehicle registration. You must contact us at at least three working days before you need to start using the vehicle. You can email us at or phone 0300 1234 222. There will be a £10 admin fee for changes to Resident/Business/Charity permits.

Until you receive your new V5C document you must send us the insurance document showing that the vehicle is registered to you at your address. You must then send the V5C to us within 3 weeks of the change to your permit. If it not received within that time your permit will be cancelled.

How to renew your permit

You can apply to renew your permit up to 1 month before it is due to expire. You must complete an application form and provide the required evidence, which is shown on the form.

Application forms are available above. Once you have entered your postcode into the search box, you will see the various resident permits which are available and how to apply. 

Privacy notice

We may collect personal information when carrying out our services. Our Privacy Notice gives full information about how Parking Services and Parking Enforcement use and share this personal information.

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