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Snow and ice in Cornwall

Snow and cold weather

Snow and severe cold weather can cause disruption and can also affect more vulnerable people.

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In the event of severe cold weather in Cornwall, you can get the latest updates by:

  • Reading our media releases
  • Following Cornwall Council on Facebook and Twitter
  • If you use Twitter, we will tweet relevant updates using the tag #CCsnow
  • The Resilience and Emergency Management team have put together some advice for preparing for and dealing with severe cold weather. Please see the menu on the left hand side of this page.
  • The Met Office hosts the 'Get Ready for Winter' web pages on behalf of HM Government and partners. These pages give some suggestions for the very practical things that individuals and communities can do to prepare for a wide range of winter weather, including cold, ice and snow, high winds and flooding.
  • There is information about the 'warm home discount scheme' on the .gov website, and the NHS website contains advice on the importance of staying warm, especially for more elderly people.
  • If you are or you know someone who is elderly, caring for young children or in poor health and you are worried about fuel bills, debt, keeping safe and warm or your home being cold or damp, you can find out about winter wellbeing.
  • Contact the Community Energy Plus helpline on Freephone 0800 954 1956, or email them at for further information and advice.

Driving in snow, ice and wintry conditions requires extra care and preparation, and you should only drive when absolutely necessary. Please read our guidelines on safe winter driving.

If schools are closed due to bad weather they will be listed on our school closures page.

Visit our gritting and winter maintenance web page. Here you can:

  • View maps and information about gritting across Cornwall
  • View the winter service procedures which contains detailed procedures on how the Council maintains Cornish roads during winter.
  • View the areas that will be salted over the next 24 hours on the road conditions and treatment page.
  • Watch a winter service video
  • Information on clearing snow and ice from pavements yourself.

Follow our treatment on Twitter @CORMACltd - Our intended actions are posted automatically (24/7) as soon as we make the decision.

In the event of snow, weather conditions will be assessed early on each day with the decision undertaken regarding collections based on the following:

  • Ability of the collection crews to travel to the relevant depot
  • Conditions regarding driving and collection crew safety being favourable to collections
  • Weather forecast for the day.

Conditions will be assessed throughout the day in question with the contractor constantly monitoring ability for the crews to collect. If the weather conditions are deemed too dangerous or unfavourable at the start of the day, or collection crews cannot access the depot the contractor will either:

  • Arrange collection of crews from the most accessible road near to their homes
  • Delay collections until later in the day
  • Cancel collections for inaccessible areas, which can either be undertaken later in the week or cancelled until the following week
  • Cancel all collections

No collections will take place if the safety of the staff or public will be put at risk through slips, trips falls, or lack of vehicle control from attempting collections. 

You can view a five day weather forecast for Cornwall on the BBC Cornwall website (please note that this defaults to Truro but you can choose a more specific area if you wish).

Met Office: Latest severe weather warnings for Cornwall and the Southwest