School closures in emergencies

Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.

A list of schools that are closed or partially closed

All schools have their own arrangements to contact parents and carers if the school needs to close at short notice. For example in the event of severe weather. This may include the use of:

  • parent mailing systems
  • text
  • social media
  • the school website

We work with schools to make sure we have up to date information on school closures as they happen.  We have a robust procedure for schools to notify us should they need to close.

In the event of a large number of schools being closed at the same time this information may take some time to be fully updated. Please make sure you check with your child's school.

Current school closures

As of the 8 March all schools are now open.

Information for parents / carers

We recognise that the decision to close a school in an emergency significantly impacts:

  • parents
  • carers
  • children and young people's education

We have produced the School emergency closures - a guide for parents and carers.

If your child's school is not listed, we strongly recommend that you contact their school directly to find out if it is closed. If a school is closed this information should usually be available on the school’s website and / or their social media pages.

For advice on Coronavirus / Covid-19 please visit our Public Health pages

Information for schools

School Emergency Closure procedures for schools can be found within School Messenger direct from the home page.  Please note that you will need to login to this system.

For advice on Coronavirus / Covid-19 please visit School Messenger.

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