School term dates and INSET days

On this page you can find the term dates for Community and Voluntary-Controlled schools in Cornwall.

Foundation, Trust, Voluntary Aided schools and Academies are able to set their own term dates. However, these dates are recommended to all schools to promote consistency across the county.

Please contact the individual Academy, Foundation, Trust or Voluntary Aided school to find out about: 

  • any variations to the dates below
  • their distribution of INSET days

2023/24 term dates for Community and Voluntary-Controlled Schools

Autumn Term (72 days)

  • 4 September - 19 December 2023
  • (Half term 23-27 October 2023)

Spring Term (56 days)

  • 4 January - 28 March 2024
  • (Half term 12-16 February 2024)

Summer Term (67 days)

  • 15 April - 24 July 2024
  • (Half term 27-31 May 2024)

Download a PDF version of the 2023/24 term dates

2023/24 iCalendar / ics

You can download the 2023/24 term dates calendar in iCalendar / ics format. This is supported by most computers, tablets and mobile phones, and most calendar applications.

For further information, support or to provide your feedback please see the Term dates iCalendar support page.
Download 2023/24 term dates in iCalendar / ics format

2024/25 term dates for Community and Voluntary-Controlled Schools

Autumn term (74 days)

  • 3 September - 20 December 2024
  • (Half term 28 October - 1 November 2024)

Spring Term (60 days)

  • 6 January - 4 April 2025
  • (Half term 17-21 February 2025)

Summer term (61 days)

  • 22 April - 23 July 2025
  • (Half term 26 -30 May 2025)

Download a PDF version of the 2024/25 term dates

INSET days

In service training (INSET) days are taken during school time.  They are used by schools to provide staff training without pupils being present.  Maintained schools are permitted to take five INSET Days during each academic year. Please contact your child(ren)'s school for their distribution of INSET days.

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