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Cornwall Council does not have a duty to provide free transport for young people aged 16 and 19.   Instead, we offer a subsidised transport scheme.

Cornwall Council does however have a duty to provide free transport for young people aged 19 to 25 who have an Education, Health and Care Plan.

The eligibility criteria for Post-16 Transport is set out in the policy document(s) below.

Some schools/colleges provide their own transport.  This may better suit your needs.  Please check with your school/college before applying for Cornwall Council’s scheme.

Post-16 Transport | 2021/22 Academic Year

Cornwall’s Post-16 Transport scheme for 2021/22 is now live!

Please read Cornwall's Post-16 Transport Policy 2021/22 for full details.

Apply for Post-16 Transport

Applying and paying for Post-16 Transport will ensure that your transport will be in place before the beginning of term.  Applying early will help the Transport Coordination Service plan its transport network.  It will also enable travel passes and arrangements to be issued quicker.

The deadline for on-time applications is Sunday 25 July 2021.  The deadline for payment is Sunday 1 August 2021.  Young people who apply and pay on-time will receive their travel passes and arrangements by the start of the Autumn Term.

Applications and payments received after the deadlines above will be processed as soon as possible.  Where either the application or payment is late, we cannot guarantee that travel arrangements will be in place for the start of the Autumn Term.  Students will need to make their own travel arrangements in the meantime.

The required payment in the 2021/22 academic year is £515.  This is payable in one lump sum or at the start of each term - see below.  All students - including those with an Education, Health and Care Plan - must pay this contribution.

  • Autumn Term - £195
  • Spring Term - £195
  • Summer Term - £125

Cornwall Council has decided not to increase its cost from the 2020/21 academic year.  This is part our commitment to ensure that Post-16 Transport is affordable for all.

You may wish to apply for support through the 16‐19 Bursary Fund to help you make this contribution.  The 16-19 Bursary Fund is not managed by Cornwall Council.  Please apply via your school/college.

Young People With Education, Health and Care Plans

The Transport Coordination Service and Statutory SEN Service have produced this guidance document.  We hope that this will help support young people and their families.

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