Lawn mowers

Can I recycle it?

Lawn mowers are not collected as part of your household recycling collection. You can take your lawn mowers for recycling at Household Waste Recycling Centres* (except the site at Dudnance Lane, Pool) or arrange a bulky waste collection.

Bulky waste collection:

You can use our household bulky waste collection service for items that are too big for normal collections.

There is a charge for this service.

Can it be repaired?

Could your item find a new lease of life by being repaired? 

Use the Cornwall Repair Cafe Network - you may be able to get it repaired for free.

Get in touch with them on Facebook to see how they can help.

Retailer take-back (electrical mowers)

Buying a new electrical item from the high street?

Shops will now recycle the one you’re replacing for free.

Visit Recycle your Electricals for more information

  • Larger shops that sell electricals will take your old item if you buy new from them. 
  • You have 28 days after buying something new to take your old one in for recycling
  • It doesn’t need to have come from the same shop.
  • Check your local stores beforehand

Donate or sell

Charity shops are always grateful for donations of unwanted items in good condition.  You could also organise a give and take event or give items away via FreecycleFreegle.

You can donate usable furniture to community projects like: 

Or sell your spare stuff at garage sales and car boot sales or on eBay.  If you can transport items yourself, most towns have their own auction rooms. They are also a good way of selling and buying second hand items.

Household Waste and Recycling Centres

View our Household Waste Recycling Centres to find

  • location maps
  • opening times
  • materials accepted

You can also find your nearest centre by entering your postcode on our my area page.

For safety reasons, no public pedestrian access is allowed through the entrance or exit gates at any of our household waste recycling centres.

Only waste from households in Cornwall can be taken to these sites. Commercial waste is not accepted at any recycling centre.

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