Cornwall Repair Cafe Network

What is a Repair Café?

It’s a free meeting place where people can get together to:

  • alter or mend clothes
  • fix broken furniture, electrical gadgets, bikes, toys, crockery and more

Want to learn how to:

  • Sew on a button?
  • Fix a zip to a coat?
  • Wire a plug?

There are basic skills that can help us get by day-to-day that can extend the life of the things we buy. Repair cafes offer the opportunity for people to learn something new by chatting and watching the volunteer repairers.

What is the Cornwall Repair Café Network?

The Cornwall Repair Café Network is here to support repair cafes. Both start-ups and those that have been running for a while. With the wider aim of creating community, teaching new skills and challenging throw-away culture.

Its benefits include:

  • Connection to a Cornwall-wide network of repair cafes
  • Access to public liability insurance at no cost to you
  • Joining a directory of repair cafes in Cornwall
  • Promotion of your events on social media. Including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram through the Cornwall Recycles, Cornwall Council and Cornwall Repair Cafe Network channels
  • Access to a step-by-step guide which includes advice on governance, venue selection, sample risk assessments and monitoring forms

So how can I join the network?

In order to benefit from the network, all we ask is that you complete the Cornwall Repair Cafe Network form to give permission for us to share your details with other members. As well as give feedback about your events. In return, we will send you a Repair Café Pack (PDF) and an opportunity to share in its benefits. We would also recommend joining the Cornwall Repair Cafe Network Facebook group on the Cornwall Recycles Facebook page.

Please note due to the impact of the current Covid-19 epidemic, we will not be providing a programme until normal service resumes. Thank you for your patience.

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