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Cornwall Council does not have a legal duty to provide free or subsidised transport for young people aged 16‐19.  However, we choose to provide a heavily‐subsidised transport scheme.  This promotes access to education and opportunities for all young people in Cornwall.

The eligibility criteria is set out in Cornwall’s Post-16 Transport Policy.

How much it costs

The required contribution for subsidised transport in the 2020/21 academic year is £515 per student.  All students (including those with an Education, Health and Care Plan, see below) must make this contribution.  This must be done before transport can be put in place.  It must be paid in advance, either for the year, or by term.  The required termly contributions are:

  • Autumn Term - £195
  • Spring Term - £195
  • Summer Term - £125

You may wish to apply for support through the 16‐19 Bursary Fund to help make this contribution.  The 16-19 Bursary Fund is not managed by Cornwall Council and applications for support should be made for via the school/college.

The statutory duty on Cornwall Council to provide transport free of charge is reintroduced for young people who:

How to apply

You cannot apply for Post 16 Transport for the academic year 2021/22 which starts in September 2021 until 1 June 2021.

Some schools/colleges operate their own transport schemes.  Please speak to your school/college to determine if their arrangements better suit your needs. You should do this before making an application for Post-16 Transport through Cornwall Council’s scheme.

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