Pre-application Community Engagement

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Pre-application Community Engagement (PACE) is important if you are submitting a:

  • pre-application or
  • Planning Performance Agreement.

PACE brings together:

  • the community
  • the local council
  • the Local Member(s)
  • the developer

Together they are able to hear the views of local residents early in the planning process.  The views of the local community are an important consideration.

The Council encourages community engagement.  The value in seeking the views of local people early on should not be underestimated:

  • Local issues and
  • concerns

can then be addressed in any future planning application.  Changes made are likely to be material considerations. These will be taken into account and given weight.  The planning application process can be quicker and smoother as a result.

Planning case officers can advise applicants and developers on community engagement options.  All pre-application discussions include this advice from officers. We can offer our own facilitated PACE forums.

Options for community engagement

Level 1 PACE Forum

This is for strategic major schemes and includes:

  • Strategic Planning Committee members
  • local Member(s)
  • local council and
  • residents

Level 2 PACE Forum

This is for major or minor items and includes:

  • Area Planning Committee members
  • local Member(s)
  • local council and 
  • residents

There is an additional fee for the above 2 options.  You can find more information in the Fees and Charges webpage.  Developers receive:

  • formal notes of the Forum from the planning case officer
  • advice of attendees and residents

which provide information for any future planning application.

Community engagement led by the Local Council

A developer can work with a Local Council to get the views of local residents.  Local Councils can have the best local knowledge.  Guidance to help:

  • developers
  • local councils
  • planning case officers

work together on pre-application discussions can accessed from this link: Cornwall Planning Partnership.  Please check the local council's own website.   They may publish how they choose to deal with pre-application proposals.

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