Stage 3 - Delivering the plan and monitoring progress

It is vital to plan ahead to ensure your plan is implemented and reviewed once adopted. You do not have to follow the steps outlined in this guide. However it is important that preparation of the plan does follow a process that is supported by Cornwall Council. Once the plan is written, an independent examiner will need to see that appropriate steps have been taken. This is before the whole community has the right to vote on whether to accept the Neighbourhood Plan at referendum. 

If accepted, the plan will be adopted. The Government, Cornwall Council and Parish and Town Councils will have to refer to it before making planning decisions. So it will be an important planning document.

The process of adopting the Plan is just the beginning. Making it happen is the really existing part - seeing change come about because local people have made it happen. It will require ongoing support, monitoring and review. 

Review should not be limited to matters addressed in the original plan. This is  because:

  • hopefully the plan will have successfully addressed some of those
  • many of the social, economic and environmental factors are likely to have changed
  • wider policy and regulations will have changed too

We have produced some guide notes to help you when reviewing your Neighbourhood Development Plan:

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