Preparing a Neighbourhood Plan

The preparation of a Neighbourhood Plan should be interesting and enjoyable. It will enable the community to have their say on the future of their area. They can get involved in developing the plan whilst bringing the community together. The guidance breaks the plan making process down into three main stages. To find out more information select the different stages below.

There are guide notes and templates to support you through the process. They cover a range of topics to help develop a Neighbourhood Plan. You will find guide notes under each of the different stages.

Neighbourhood Planning regulations and legal requirements

You will find information on the Neighbourhood Plan statutory stages. The current statutory consultations, examinations and referendums, and the adopted neighbourhood plans. There is guidance to help you meet the Neighbourhood Planning Regulations and legal requirements.

Stage 1 - Starting up

The plan-making process starts when members of the town or parish council, have the idea of a Neighbourhood Plan for their area.

Stage 2 - Developing the plan

Once your Neighbourhood Area is designated, the real work of preparing the plan can begin. This stage is broken down into four sections. Each stage provides guidance on developing your plan.

Stage 3 - Delivering and monitoring the plan

This stage provides guidance on what happens once the plan has been adopted. You will find out how to monitor the success of the plan and review the policies over time.


There are guidance notes and templates to help you when developing your plan. They provide information and guidance covering a range of topics for Neighbourhood Plans.


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