Preparing a Neighbourhood Plan

What do you want to achieve with your Neighbourhood Plan?

  • What are the key issues for your community and what are your aims and objectives
  • How can policies in your Neighbourhood Plan help you to address local issues and achieve your ambitions?  

Think about:

  • how you want your places to evolve over time
  • what growth does your community need
  • what should change (and what should be protected) to make your area a better place to live?

Meeting statutory requirements

It’s important to remember that all Neighbourhood Plan policies must:

You can learn about each of the stages and activities required to produce a neighbourhood plan in the document below:

How to create a Neighbourhood Plan: Your step by step roadmap guide - Locality Neighbourhood Planning

Producing a neighbourhood plan can be a complex and long process.  To keep track of targets and work completed you can use the Locality project planner tool.  This will help you to see how each phase fits into the statutory stages of neighbourhood planning.  We have inserted some extra comments so that you can see how this is supported by Cornwall Council.

Making a Neighbourhood Plan is a significant undertaking.  It will require a lot of time and effort, usually by volunteers to successfully deliver one. In our experience, they take at least 2 years to prepare.  However, they can take much longer (in Cornwall it’s an average of around 5 years from designation to completion).  The policies in the plan gather weight as the plan moves through the process.  Once the plan has been successfully examined and supported at referendum, it will form part of the Local Development Plan.  This will then be used alongside National and Cornwall planning policies to make decisions on planning applications in the Neighbourhood Area.

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Support we offer to Neighbourhood Planning Groups

We have a wealth of knowledge and experience in neighbourhood planning and can offer you free support.

Set up a Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group

It is important that your Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group sets out how it will interact and report back to the Qualifying Body. 

Developing the plan

Once your Neighbourhood Area is designated, the real work of preparing the plan can begin. This stage is broken down into four sections. Each stage provides guidance on developing your plan.

Delivering and monitoring the plan

This stage provides guidance on what happens once the plan has been adopted. You will find out how to monitor the success of the plan and review the policies over time.


There are guidance notes and templates to help you when developing your plan. They provide information and guidance covering a range of topics for Neighbourhood Plans.

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