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Neighbourhood Planning allows people to come together to develop a plan for their area. The Neighbourhood Planning process will give local people a say on planning issues. It will allow communities a say in:

  • where they think development should go
  • what development in their area should look like

Neighbourhood Plans can be very simple or go into considerable detail. The Plans set out planning policies at a local level and can include community projects. 

Cornwall Council provide a Neighbourhood Planning Toolkit. This will help communities decide whether a Neighbourhood Development Plan (NDP) is the right tool for them. The Toolkit sets out what steps should be followed to prepare a plan. There are guide notes and templates available to help you through the plan process. Please select the options below to find out more information.

Latest News

Information on our Cornwall Council Neighbourhood Planning web pages relating to individual neighbourhood development plans will be limited. This is to avoid confusion in terms of updates to the plan through the regulatory stages.  It is recommended that the public refer to the specific neighbourhood plan website. Otherwise, further information can be found on the town/parish council webpage.

All neighbourhood planning documents submitted in support of a neighbourhood plan should be fully accessible to be published online.  PDF documents need to comply with Accessibility Regulations.  You can find help in our guide to making PDF documents accessible.  It will help if you are able to make any PDFs you wish us to publish accessible before emailing neighbourhoodplanning@cornwall.gov.uk.  This will reduce delays and help us to upload your documents quicker.

The current national situation with Covid-19
Parishes can refer to the latest Neighbourhood Planning e-Bulletin. This provides for advice and information for local Councils developing Neighbourhood Plans.
If you would like to sign up to receive the quarterly e-Bulletin, please email neighbourhoodplanning@cornwall.gov.uk.

Community Governance Review

Cornwall Council has undertaken a Community Governance Review (CGR).  This has lead to some geographical changes to some Parish boundaries. The changes took effect on 1 April 2021. NDP areas that have already been designated will not be affected by the CGR.

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