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Please read our information on how we are supporting residents and businesses, as well as information on affected services.

Our contractor, Biffa, provides our rubbish, recycling, beach and street cleaning services. We are running a survey to find out what you think about these services. The survey is open from 1 to 30 September.

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For a postal copy of this survey please phone us on 0300 1234 141. 

Before you report a missed collection

Please check our list of possible reasons why your waste may not have been collected. 

Report a missed collection


Missed rubbish collection

Missed recycling collection

Missed garden waste

Missed clinical collection

What happens next

If you report a missed collection, our contractor will check their vehicle tracking data and on-board CCTV footage to confirm whether or not your waste was out for collection by 7.00 am at your collection point and correctly presented.   

  • Reports received by 12pm midday Monday to Friday
    Our contractor will contact you by 1pm. They will return by 6pm the same day if their checks confirm they missed your waste.

  • Reports received between 12pm midday and 6pm Monday to Friday
    Our contractor will contact you by 6pm. They will return by 12pm midday the next day if their checks confirm they missed your waste.

  • Reports received after 6pm or on Saturdays and Sundays
    Our contractor will contact you in the morning on the next working day.  They will return by 12pm midday that day if their checks confirm they missed your waste.

Reasons why your waste may not have been collected

Please consider these possible reasons why your waste may not have been collected before you log a missed collection:

Your waste was not out for collection by 7am

If you put it out later, you may have missed the collection crew who start their rounds at 7am.  You can check your collection day by using the my area page.

The waste contained things we cannot collect

We can only take normal household waste. Please see our rubbish collection page for more information.

You used the wrong container

For example

  • You presented your household rubbish (residual waste) in a brown garden waste bin.  Brown bins are only to be used for garden waste (if you subscribe to the service).  They are collected on a separate round by a different collection crew.  The household rubbish collection crew will not check brown bins for household rubbish.
  • Your recycling was not separated out into the appropriate containers.  Please check our what goes into each container page if you're unsure how to sort your recycling.

You put bulky waste out for collection

If it’s heavier than 25kg/50lb or longer than 1m, you can book a Household Bulky Waste Collection. Or take it to one of our Household Waste Recycling Centres (HWRCs).

You put garden waste out for collection

You should not put garden waste out amongst any other type of waste.  You can:

Your waste contained too much clinical waste

If you produce more than a third of a black bag per week of non-infectious clinical waste, you will need to request a Clinical Waste Collection.

You should never put any infectious waste or clinical sharps into your normal household waste. 

The collection round is later than usual

If the waste for the rest of your street hasn’t been collected, the collection may be running late. Please wait until the end of the working day to report a missed collection. Our collection contractor’s rounds operate until 6pm.

Your collection has been missed many times

If your collection has been missed several times, the collection crew may not have seen your waste. 

Please provide your contact details when you report your missed collection.  Our contractor’s admin team can contact you to check where you normally leave your waste for collection. 

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