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Housing Decarbonisation Programme

Helping Cornish homes become kinder to the planet, warmer, healthier and more energy efficient

Cornwall Council declared a Climate Emergency in 2019 and made an Action Plan. As part of this plan a series of initiatives aimed at carbon neutrality are already in place. The action plan introduced a Carbon Neutral Homes Programme. The Housing Decarbonisation programme and strategy will add to and expand this work. Doing this will help us to meet our legal duty to decarbonise. The duty is set out in the Climate Change Act 2008 (

Homes in Cornwall contribute 20.5% of our total emissions. Over 90% of Cornish housing needs improvement if we are to meet our carbon neutral ambition. Our housing is not as energy efficient when compared to those in the Southwest and across the UK.

The Council, working with communities want to create a carbon neutral Cornwall. Our aim is that everyone can start well, live well and age well in Cornwall.

Housing Decarbonisation in Cornwall information

Housing decarbonisation schemes will aim to improve Cornish homes. Making them kinder to our planet, healthier, warmer, and cheaper to run. This will meet the Council priority for a "Thriving and Sustainable Cornwall." The Housing Strategy 2030 works to ensure that every resident has access to a safe, warm, and secure home.

What we are doing:

  • Developing a Housing Decarbonisation Strategy for Cornwall
  • Reviewing the Housing Renewal Policy - please note whilst under review some of the information in this policy is no longer valid 

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