Park Homes

Welcome to our page which has been set up to provide a single place on our website where you can find information relating to park homes in Cornwall.

We have recently written out to all park home addresses in Cornwall and provided a copy of our refreshed Resident’s Guide to Services. Now we are updating all of the sections linked to this page to ensure all the most up to date information and contact details are provided.

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Later this year we are planning an event specifically for park home residents so please check back soon for more details.

 We would like to further improve our links with park home residents and you can help us to do that by completing the following short survey.

Cornwall Park Home Resident’s Survey (2019)

The deadline for responses is Friday 6th September and your views will help us to consider how we can best communicate with you in the future.


Helpful guidance and advice on maintaining and adapting your home.
Provides help for older people, adults with physical disabilities and mental health problems etc.
Housing options offers advice and assistance for individuals, families and landlords across Cornwall.

Information on Library and Adult Education services

Localism aims to shift power back into the hands of individuals, communities and councils.