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Do you need a helping hand?

adult and child hands holding each other adult and child hands holding each other

We all need a little extra support at some point in our lives, so we offer helping hand services to make things a bit easier. 


Person Rubbish Recycling

Help at home

Find help to cope at home, from personal alarms to home adaptions

Person Bills

Helps with bills

Find financial help from benefits and crisis care awards to help with heating bills

Person Reading

Help with information

Find out how to recieve information in other formats


Help with your home

Find housing options information

Person exercising

Help with your health

Find information about how to stay healthy or how to get support

Person Laptop

Help to get online

Find support to get online or find courses

Person Car

Help when you are less mobile

Find help if you are less mobile

Man Stick

Help when a family member is ill

Find support when you have someone to care for

Your feedback is important to us

Help us improve our service