Child Protection and Safeguarding

If you are concerned about a child's safety please contact the Multi Agency referral Unit (MARU) on 0300 123 1116.

Child Protection

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You can view the Child Protection Procedure Policy on the South West Safeguarding and Child Protection Group website. The document details the nature of child abuse, the legal framework, etc.

The following leaflets provide information on child protection conferences:

Why do we need to undertake an assessment? We undertake an assessment when someone is concerned that you or your child(ren) might be experiencing problems and need help. The assessment gives us an opportunity to talk to you and your child(ren) about any problems and, if appropriate, to plan the right help for you to solve these problems.

What is the Multi-Agency Referral Unit (MARU)

The Multi-Agency Referral Unit (MARU) provides a multi-disciplinary response to concerns about the welfare or safety of a child in line with the SCP guidance on interagency thresholds/continuum of need.

What is the the Multi-Agency Advice Team (MAAT)

The Multi-Agency Advice Team (MAAT) is a multidisciplinary team within the MARU. The MAAT provides advice and consultation in cases where the LSCB threshold for statutory social work intervention is not met. The MAAT gathers more information and considers those cases that are on the cusp of the threshold criteria for social work. 

Cornwall Council and the Council of the Isles of Scilly, in exercising their social care functions, are responsible for ensuring there is a Safeguarding Children Partnership (SCP) covering their area, to bring together representatives of each of the main agencies and professionals responsible for helping to protect children from abuse and neglect. The SCP is an inter-agency forum for agreeing how the different services and professional groups should co-operate to safeguard children in the area, and for making sure that arrangements work effectively to bring about good outcomes for children.

The SCP has a comprehensive website detailing their work and offering useful advice: Our Safeguarding Children Partnership for Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly web site.

Please do not contact the SCP if you wish to report an incidence of abuse or neglect, please contact the Multi Agency Referral Unit (MARU).

If you have concerns regarding adults safeguarding, please visit the Safeguarding Adults web page.