Jigsaw is a programme that aims to help children, young people, parents and carers who have alleged sexual abuse.

We achieve this through:

  • listening
  • supporting through difficulties
  • offering appropriate confidentiality
  • exploring ways to keep safe in the future

The programme is for children and young people from 3 to 18 years old.  It is also for parents and carers of these children/young people.

Jigsaw Workers are a team of professional helpers with experience of working with the issue of alleged sexual abuse.

Jigsaw sessions

Jigsaw sessions are arranged through your Social Worker working for Children's Social Care.

There are 10 sessions. The first session is an introductory meeting and is attended by the:

  • child/young person
  • their parents or carers
  • Jigsaw Worker
  • Social Worker

The other 9 sessions are individual sessions with the Jigsaw Worker.

The sessions often take place at the Contact Centre, but it could be somewhere else, where it feels comfortable and safe for the child/young person.  Transport is arranged at the first meeting.

Often 9 sessions are enough. However, some children/young people need more time and this will be open for discussion.

Information leaflets

Children's services values

These are our values:

  • the welfare of the child is always our highest priority
  • a child needs a secure and permanent relationship with a familiar group of adults
  • we achieve the best outcome for a child by working in partnership. This is with parents, the child and the family as a whole. We actively seek their views
  • the most effective services for a child and his/her family come from partnerships. This is when the community and all appropriate agencies work together.

Make a complaint about the service

In the first instance, we advise people to talk to the Social Worker working with the child/young person.  If that fails to resolve the problem, please contact the Complaints Manager.

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