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Extra Care Housing

What is Extra Care Housing?

Extra Care (also known as assisted living) offers housing for people who are generally aged 55 and over. It gives you the opportunity to live in a home of your own with 24/7 on-site care and support on hand if and when you need it. People who live in Extra Care schemes have their own front door to their own self-contained apartment that includes a:

  • bedroom
  • bathroom
  • kitchen, and
  • living room

Living in Extra Care housing will give you independence and choice over your own life. It allows you to: 

  • remain in control over your finances and social life
  • maintains privacy, and
  • provides flexible care and support should your needs change.

Care and support is always available, if it is needed by the qualified on-site care and support team.  Support can be provided to help with things like: 

  • washing
  • dressing
  • preparing meals, and
  • medication

The care and support team will always be there to help in an emergency.

Why Extra Care Housing is important to us

Cornwall’s population is growing and it is also ageing faster than the UK average. There is growing evidence of a significant supply gap in Cornwall of around 3,800 units of Extra Care by 2050. The Council is therefore looking at ways to increase the number of Extra Care schemes across Cornwall.

You can find out more information in our Supported and Specialist Housing Strategy. This set out our long term strategic approach to deliver accommodation of the right type, in the right place, at the right time.

Read our Supported and Specialist Housing StrategyBenefits of Extra Care Housing

  • you are living in your own home, which you can rent or possibly part-buy / part-rent
  • you maintain your independence and you can come and go as you please
  • you are in control of your finances
  • there are a wide range of communal facilities. A range of facilities will be available on site which could include a: 
    • lounge
    • restaurant
    • hair and beauty salon
    • library
    • gardens, and
    • space for other social activities
  • the support you receive will help maintain your independence
  • every property can be fitted with assistive technology to help give you security and peace of mind
  • couples can stay together

You are eligible for Extra Care Housing if you are: 

  • over the age of 55 and you have a local connection to the area, or surrounding area, where the Extra Care Housing scheme is located
  • a couple (one of you being over 55) and you have a local connection to the area, or surrounding area, where the Extra Care Housing scheme is located
  • a younger adult with a care and/or support need where this type of housing would be an appropriate setting. You must also have a local connection to the area, or surrounding area, where the Extra Care Housing scheme is located

You do not need to have an existing care need to move into Extra Care Housing

When to consider Extra Care Housing

  • you are struggling to maintain your own home or garden
  • you are feeling isolated or lonely
  • you have difficulty getting out and about
  • your home is not suitable anymore
  • you are thinking about downsizing
  • you are considering residential care
  • you think you may need more help and support in the future

The cost of Extra Care Housing

There are several cost elements that you will need to consider: 

  • the housing cost - the cost of renting or having shared ownership of your home. This depends on your income. You may qualify for housing benefit which can cover all or part of the rent and service charge
  • the service charge cost - this covers the cost of running the scheme such as:
    • communal heating and lighting
    • repairs and maintenance, and
    • cleaning of communal areas
  • the day to day living costs - including electricity, council tax, telephone, television licence and groceries. You remain responsible for maintenance inside your apartment for items such as:
    • redecoration
    • repairs to your own appliances etc
  • the individual care costs - you may have to pay for your care and support costs. This will depend on a financial assessment

Extra Care Housing Schemes in Cornwall

There are currently two Extra Care Schemes in Cornwall: 

Miners Court, Redruth

Coastline Housing

Passmore Edwards, Liskeard

Aster Group

Hear from our Extra Care Housing residents 


Future Plans

We are working with developers and care providers to expand Extra Care in Cornwall. We will provide more information on this as details become available.

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