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National Tree Week

Saturday 27 November to Sunday 5 December 2021

Forest for Cornwall and the Royal Cornwall Museum Truro are hosting two fascinating talks in National Tree Week. The talks are on Cornish orchards and Cornwall's trees and woodland through time. Head to the RCM event page to book now!

What will you be doing during National Tree Week 2021? If you are a community group or tree warden and are planning to hold an event during National Tree Week then please let us know via the Contact Us form.

This is the UK’s largest annual tree celebration, marking the start of the winter tree planting season (November to March each year). Across the country events bring people together to celebrate and plant trees. There is also an online programme of tree-related arts and culture events too!

Events across Cornwall will be put on our website, including tree planting events that are open to the public to support. There will also be a talk or two at the Royal Cornwall Museum in Truro (details to follow).

Free Landmark Trees

The Forest for Cornwall is offering a free Landmark Tree to every local community. These trees are given in celebration or commemoration of a person, place or event. This has been made possible by Woodland Trust Emergency Tree Fund.  Town and Parish councils will soon receive the information to apply on behalf of their communities. The deadline for applications is 2 August 2021 for winter 2021/22. Councils can register an interest for winter 2022/23.

Grant for tree planting

The Forestry Commission has announced a new grant for tree planting. Landowners with 1 hectare or over to plant may all benefit. For details please see the England Woodland Creation Offer web page. 

Back The Future Crowdfunder campaign

We want green projects to let us know what they are doing in response to the climate emergency and how crowdfunding will help. Ten entries will be chosen to win a share of £30,000 in match funding from Cornwall Council. That is up to £5,000 per project to go towards a crowdfunding campaign! Find out more on the Back the Future page.

New Woodland Creation partnership

Defra will provide a funding boost for the exciting new Woodland Creation partnership with Forest for Cornwall.

This partnership will highlight trees as a precious natural asset, and as central to the fight against climate change. It aims to encourage and promote tree planting and woodland creation. This will be made possible by £120,000 from the Nature for Climate Fund. It will also contribute to the government aim to plant 30,000 hectares of trees per year by 2025 across the UK. 

The announcement shows the strength of vision of the Forest for Cornwall programme and its partners, led by Cornwall Council. The aim is to make sure the woodlands that are created are best suited for the needs of the community. This will include:

  • planting to provide shade in urban areas to help counter the high rates of skin cancer in Cornwall
  • planting in areas of high deprivation to provide well-being benefits for local communities
  • economic benefits for the county by developing well-designed woodlands to encourage visitors
  • planting woodlands to enhance nature’s recovery and flood prevention

Funding boost from Woodland Trust

Forest for Cornwall will support communities with Tree Planting thanks to a funding boost from the Woodland Trust

Cornwall will benefit from the Woodland Trust Emergency Tree Fund. This funding will further help the Forest for Cornwall Programme with its aim to create 8,000 hectares of woodland over the coming years. It will support the work with communities to help them plant trees in their local area.

The funding will help the Forest for Cornwall to:

  • support more communities with guidance, advice and networking
  • to inspire a new generation in tree establishment
  • to encourage communities to identify opportunities to create new areas for their future. The new areas could be:
    • woodland
    • small copses
    • street trees
    • municipal trees
    • forest gardens
    • community fruit trees
    • landmark trees 

Our support can include:

  • encouraging sharing of ideas between communities
  • building on the great things already happening
  • helping with advice for tree planting
  • developing local plans for tree maintenance
  • training in tree planting, pruning, identification, and surveying
  • working with volunteers
  • helping people become Tree Wardens
  • supporting community networks
  • engaging children and residents with local plans
  • signposting other opportunities and celebrating trees through community or creative engagement events

…amongst others.

If you’re a community with plans or ideas for planting trees then we’d like to hear from you. We are hoping that, with your support, many more trees will reach the ground from the next planting season this autumn. Please get in touch to let us know what you’d like to do, or have already planned by using our contact us form.

Forest for Cornwall Newsletters 2020/2021

Highlights from Autumn 2020

Grow More Trees -  Autumn Seed Search

Cornwall Council and Cornwall Wildlife Trust have partnered up to launch a county-wide autumn seed search. They have produced a leaflet packed with useful information on how to Grow More Trees. This includes how to collect seeds and how to grow and look after them. It has detailed information on many of our native tree species. This is invaluable for anyone looking to help our environment by increasing native trees in Cornwall! The Tree Council have also produced a handy advice page on how to grow trees from seed

Carbon Neutral Cornwall HIVE

The online event held on 26 September 2020 highlighted how to source funds for your project, as well as lots of other useful topics. The event was a great success and you can still register to listen into the workshops and masterclasses. Access the Carbon Neutral Cornwall Hive event for lots of helpful advice and information. (This form opens in Chrome, Safari and Firefox.) 

The Cornwall 'Projects That Matter' campaign

Projects That Matter offered funding of £1,000. This is for projects that help adults to connect with their communities through nature. These projects help to improve mental health, wellbeing and build self-confidence. The campaign has had lots of exciting entries. The successful projects were announced on 2 October 2020. 

One of the successful projects was Trevisker Community Meadow. This bid was also funded by Forest for Cornwall. They aim to create wildflower meadows with tree planting on a disused field with community volunteers


Forest For Cornwall was launched in Saltash on 17th December 2019. Here is a video about the day.

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