Problems setting up or accessing your online account

Setting up an online account without a Council Tax/Business Rates reference number

You can still set up an account, but because you need your council tax/business rates reference number to view your details, you may need to have your paper bill or email billing notification email before you can link your self-service account to your council tax/business rates details.

You can still report that you’ve moved into the area, make a payment, or apply to pay by direct debit using your online account in the meantime.

I haven't received a PIN number

When you add your council tax/business rates reference to your account, you have the option to either “Access now” or “Enter PIN”.

Please choose the “Access now” option. If you are able to answer the verification questions, you will be able to access your account details without the need for us to send you a PIN letter.

Hint: The only time you will need to use the “Enter PIN” option is if you are unable to answer the verification questions presented when using the “Access now” option.

If this is the case, you will be presented with the option, “Send me a PIN”. The PIN letter will be sent to your registered postal address so that you can continue with your registration, normally within 2 working days.

We can’t give you a PIN number by email for security reasons.

Forgotten username or password

You can reset your username and password from the main dashboard.

After you have asked us to reset your username or password, we will send you an email within around 15 minutes.

Hint: This email may go into your junk/spam folder, so don’t forget to check this folder for the email.

Hint: Check that you’re using the right format. For example, did you use a capital letter at the start of your security answer or your username?

It may also be helpful to know that to receive the email link you need to have entered your username and security answer in exactly the same format as when you set them up. If the details are not entered correctly, no e-mail can be issued, as the system cannot match what you have entered with the details held against your account.

After you’ve checked that you’re using the right format and you still cannot see the email in your inbox or junk/spam folder, you can use our contact form to request us to reset your account.

Error message when logging in

If the error message says, “Sorry your sign in has not been activated yet”, this means that you haven’t verified your email address. An email is sent to you from "Apps Team – Do not Reply", which includes a link to verify your email address to complete the final part of your registration.

Hint: The email may go into your junk/spam folder, so don’t forget to check this folder for the email.

The e-mail is only valid for 24 hours, so if you’ve not verified your e-mail to complete your registration within this period, you can use our contact form to request a new activation link, don’t forget to include the e-mail address that you’ve used to register your account when requesting a new activation link.

Locked account

If your account is locked please get in touch using our contact form.

Please provide your username or email address that is linked to your account, so that we can unlock it for you.

Session timed out

For security reasons, you will be ‘timed out’, if you haven’t used your session for a period of time. A message will appear asking you to log in again.


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