Animal health and welfare

Avian Bird Flu

If you find a dead wild bird please:

For further information please visit our page on Avian bird flu

Bringing your pet to the UK from Ukraine

For advice on what to do if you are bringing a pet from Ukraine, please read the available guidance on

Please see the below for information on Animal Health and Welfare for farm animals.

For information on non farm animal welfare please visit the Environmental Health animal welfare webpage.


Pig Identification

The Identification requirements for pigs is as follows:

  • All pigs moving off a holding must be identified by an approved ear tag or a tattoo marked with “UK” and the herd mark of the premise from which the pig is moving.
  • If the pig is less than 12 months old and is not moving to a market, slaughterhouse, show, or for export; a temporary mark may be used which either on its own or by reference to the accompanying document identifies the holding from which the pig has moved.
  • If a pig is moving to a show/exhibition/for breeding/semen collection, it must also have an individual identification.

Pig Records

Record keeping requirements are as follows:

  • Keepers must make a record of all movements within 36 hours of the movement of pigs onto and off their holding. This should include the date, the ID number or temporary mark, the number of pigs, and the address to and from which the pigs have moved;
  • Keepers must keep an annual inventory; and
  • These records must be kept for 3 years.

Other livestock guidance

Animal Movement Licences

Animal Feed Hygiene

Businesses that make, market or use animal feed need to be registered or approved as animal feed businesses.

The following businesses are affected by animal feed legislation:

  • manufacturers of compound feeds
  • manufacturers of feed materials, feed additives and pre-mixtures
  • importers
  • companies transporting animal feed
  • companies storing feed
  • companies distributing compound feed 
  • food businesses supplying surplus food for use as feed
  • pet food manufacturers
  • arable farms, growing, using or selling crops for feed use
  • producers of animal feed for wild creatures (including wild game) which is intended for human consumption
  • livestock farms 
  • food and non-food businesses selling co-products which are destined as feed materials

Animal feed forms

Please see our feed guidance for farms.

Animal advice leaflets

Advice leaflets on animals,

  • including movement,
  • care,
  • disposal
  • and sale are available below.

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