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Animal movement licenses

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Animal movement licencing was introduced to control the movement of a range of farm animals such as sheep, pigs and goats, to prevent the spread of disease. The conditions which apply to these movements depends on the type of animal and the destination.

You can find all the details and the latest conditions on the Defra website.

Sheep, goats and deer

The Animal Reporting and Movement Service (ARAMS) is an online system which processes the movements of sheep, goats and deer from each local authority in England. To use the system you will need to register for an ARAMS account.

You can find further information on the ARAMS website or call 0844 573 0137 (Find out more about call charges)


Pig keepers can report the movement of pigs using the eAML2 website. You will ned to register with eAML2 to set up a movement. The eAML2 online system stores all the information required so there is no need to keep a paper record. You will be able to print a haulier’s copy to accompany the pigs on their journey.

Exemption for pig going to market

There is an exemption for pigs moving to market. The pig keeper can request the market operator to make the electronic report of the off movement. This must be done on the day the journey takes place and the pig keeper must obtain a copy of the report as confirmation and keep for their own records.  A document must still accompany the pigs showing details of:

  • Address, postcode and CPH of the premises the pigs left
  • Date of the movement
  • Number of pigs being moved
  • ID marks of the pigs.

You can also record the receipt of pigs on the eAML2 website 

The identification and record keeping requirements for pigs remain the same.

You can find more information on the eAML2 website or telephone 0844 335 8400 (Find out more about call charges)


Cattle are permitted to move under a general licence.  This licence is not required to accompany them during the movement.  However you should visit the Defra website and read the conditions relating to such movements and download a cattle movement form.

For movements relating to cattle breading purposes you will be required to send a declaration to Trading Standards.  The declaration is part of the general licence and again copies are available from Trading Standards (please ring 0300 1234 191).  

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