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Placing a skip on the highway

When carrying out any building work, maintenance or removal of any part of a property, it may be necessary to hire a builder’s skip to remove the debris.

If you have space, you must place the skip within the boundary of your property. If you do not have available space, the skip company must apply for a licence to place the skip on the road. This is a requirement of the Highways Act 1980.

How to apply

A skip application form must be submitted by the Skip Company as they hold the relevant insurances to place a skip on the highway. They will retain liability for the skip for the duration that it is deposited on Highways adopted land.

Download a skip application form

You submit your completed application form and Public liability insurance to

What happens next?

A Street works Inspector will attend the site to check the suitability of the location. They may suggest certain conditions which the Skip company must adhere to.

How much does the licence cost?

Type of Licence Fee Incurred
Licence (per calendar month) £103
Emergency Licence (per calendar month) £146


Extensions and changes to licence

Type of Licence Fee Incurred
Extension request for 1 calendar month
submitted before the expiry of the previous licence
Late Extension Request £146
Change to licence already issued £30


Please note that our licence fees are subject to review every April and licences submitted after 1 April will be subject to any new fees.

How long the process takes

A standard skip application requires a minimum of 14 days notice (2 Weeks). In the case of an emergency the Skip company must submit an application to Street works before dropping off the skip. 

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