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Report damaged fences or barriers

Fences and barriers within the highway may:

  • encourage pedestrians or cyclists to cross the road at a particular point of safety.
  • guard against falls.
  • help prevent vehicles from colliding with roadside obstructions, large drops or watercourses.
  • prevent access onto paths by motorcycles and cars.
  • protect the public from exposed work areas or temporary hazards.

Boundary fences or hedges are usually the responsibility of the adjacent landowner.

Report a damaged fence or barrier online

Please use the map below to report damaged fences or barriers.  Please read the guidance below and then choose 'continue' to get started. 

If you are struggling to use the map please see our help page.

Help to report an issue

You can also report another issue and track the progress of an issue you have already reported.

To report a fence or barrier in a dangerous condition, causing an immediate safety hazard, please telephone 0300 1234 222 (24 hour service). Please provide details of the location.

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