Northern Access Road


A 3.4km of urban single carriageway to stimulate housing development in the Langarth area of Truro. The road will be delivered in stages. This secures the earliest possible construction start at the western end through Inox phase 1&2. The project will be funded by central government Housing Infrastructure Funding (HIF). The HIF is administered by Homes England. Planning approval was granted on 5 April 2022. The Compulsory Purchase and Side Road Order processes are underway.

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It will be a single lane carriageway with

  • on-street parking
  • footways
  • cycleways
  • verge
  • surface drainage
  • and lighting

The NAR will provide connections to the A390 and the Langarth Park and Ride. There will be a part signalised gyratory junction between the NAR and the existing A390 road at its western end. At it's eastern end the NAR will connect to Treliske hospital and retail park. 

The NAR will promote sustainable travel with improved cycling and walking options. 

Latest News

Work has commenced on the shared use path heading west away from the park & ride. This is looking to be completed in the next month. Diversion of underground utilities and drainage surveys continue. Archaeological works are complete at the West Langarth junction. Hedge removal at the same location continues

A390 Shared Use Path Construction

A390 Shared Use Path Construction

Utility Diversion Works

Utility Diversion Works

Information on the work can be found in the latest press release.

NAR Benefits 

  • Provide accessibility to 4,000 new homes
  • Enable housing targets to be met by infrastructural improvements
  • Encourage sustainable transport behaviour
  • Help manage traffic flows along the A390

Route Alignment

The project consists of 3 sections:

The Interim Link 

This creates a temporary link for the first phase of the project unlocking housing at Langarth Phases 1 and 2. This section will include a new ghost island junction on the A390. As well as the new A390 junction the Interim Link project consists of 100m single carriageway (6.25m) with a 3m shared foot/cycleway. The section will have a 30mph design speed, but will be calmed to 20mph with features.

West Langarth Junction

The West Langarth Junction connects the A390 to the western end of the NAR which will be constructed as part of the Interim Link. Options for the new junction are still being discussed that will reduce traffic speeds from 60mph to 40mph to 20 mph.

NAR East and remainder of the route

The  NAR East and remainder of the route extends from the east end of the interim link to Treliske Hospital. It will be a 2.4 km section which will be 6m wide with parking bays and footways and cycleways. This section has a 30mph design speed and is calmed to 20mph with features.

NAR Funding

Funding of £47m from the government's Housing and Infrastructure Fund (HIF) was confirmed in June 2019. This is to build the NAR and bring forward the development of new homes .


Event  Date 
Interim Link Road construction complete  Spring 2021 
NAR commence construction  Summer 2022 
West Langarth junction commence construction  Summer 2022 
West Langarth junction construction complete  Spring 2024 
NAR construction complete  Summer 2025  


Further updates will be provided when appropriate. It is also possible to keep up to date with future roadworks concerning the scheme too.

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