Buy a JustPark multi-use ticket

You can buy a Just Park multi-use ticket online on the JustPark multi-use ticket page. You will need to sign in or create an account if you don't already have one.

Buy JustPark Multi-Use ticket

You can also buy multi-use tickets on the JustPark app.  This is compatible with most smartphones.  Download the JustPark App for iPhones or Android smartphones below: 

Download the JustPark app for iPhone

Download the JustPark app for android

Step by step guide

If you have not bought a multi-use ticket on the JustPark app before you may find the step by step guide below helpful.

If you are already in a car park the app may automatically detect your location. Please close the window for this and follow the guide.

  • Search for the town you wish to buy the ticket for
  • Select one of the car parks shown in the map location results

Not all Cornwall Council car parks offer the multi-use tickets. For a full list please refer to the car park locations.

  • Once you have selected a multi-use car park in your chosen location, please select the green prompt to ‘Buy Tickets and Permits’.

  • The next screen will display information about the various Cornwall Council tickets and permits available. Please have a read before scrolling down the page.
  • You will then see a drop down option to select a ticket type. You will need to select ‘Multi-Use’.

You will then be asked to select a ‘Batch purchase type’.

You then need to: 

  • select your chosen car park
  • enter the minimum purchase of parking sessions at this location
  • enter your card payment details

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