Members of the Standards Committee

There are eighteen members of the Standards Committee.

  • Eight Cornwall Councillors
  • Five Town or Parish Councillors
  • One Town or Parish Clerk
  • Four independent lay members

The role of independent lay members

There are four independent members who sit alongside the other members of the committee. They discuss issues of conduct and ethics. They help the Monitoring Officer investigate and examine specific allegations of breaches of conduct. The committee as a whole agrees the framework and procedures that govern ethical standards in councils in Cornwall.

The membership names, contact details and meeting papers for the Committee are on the website.

Cornwall Council Committees

Powers of the Standards Committee

The committee can censure anyone they consider has breached the standards of behaviour expected of those in public life. They will publish details of this on the Council website and in the local media.

View the decisions of the Standards Committee on complaints to date.

The committee does not have the power to overturn planning decisions; remove a councillor from office or impose fines.

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