Standards Committee information

Citizens have a right to expect that holders of public office are honest and impartial.

The Standards Committee's role is to promote and maintain ethical standards in public life. It is a committee of Cornwall Council but half of its 18 members are not part of the Council.  What unites them is their dedication to good standards of behaviour in public life.

The Standards Committee appoints three independent people. The independent people give their views on code of conduct complaints.

The Council's Monitoring Officer or his or her representative works with the Standards Committee. They help them with Code of Conduct complaints, training and other issues.

Standards expected of all councillors

Find out about the standards expected of all councillors in the UK.  You can also find out about the additional standards expected of all Councillors in Cornwall. 

Code of conduct complaints

Find out how to make a code of conduct complaint about a councillor.  You can also read decision notices of all complaints reported to the standards committee. 

Responsibilities of the Standards Committee

Find out about the responsibilities of the committee.  This includes code of conduct complaints and code of conduct training for town and parish councillors and clerks.

Members of the Standards Committee

There are eighteen members of the standards committee. Find out about the role of the independent members and the powers of the standards committee.

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