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The Risk and Insurance pages provide information such as policy details and guidance with regards to making a claim. This includes links to policy documents and claim forms.

Zurich Municipal provides Cornwall Council's insurance policies.

Policy number - QLA-05U008-0013

Portal ID - C00108

Loss or theft of Money

This insurance covers the loss of funds, provided it is kept in a locked receptacle. It also includes cover for cash in transit to or from the bank.

Employers' Liability (EL)

Employers' Liability insurance covers injury or disease suffered by an employee as a result of their employment activities.

Foreign and UK Journey (SJ)

Information about insurance for foreign and uk school trips

General Property (GP)

General property insurance covers buildings owned or leased by the Council, including LEA schools. The General Property insurance also covers contents of our buildings.

Highways claim for damage or injury

If you suffer damage or injury on the highway, there is no automatic right to compensation. All claims are assessed based on laws and guidelines that are in place for assessing such claims.

School Governors insurance

Governors of Cornwall Council schools are covered by the Council’s insurance policies

Libel and slander

Libel and Slander covers all employees should they be accused of libel or slander during the course of their duties.

Motor vehicle (MV)

All vehicles owned by Cornwall Council have fully comprehensive insurance cover via Zurich Municipal.

Personal accident, assult

All Cornwall Council employees are covered by the Personal Accident Policy for Assault.

The policy covers the following:

  • Violent or criminal assault
  • Attack by animals
  • Explosion while undertaking the duties of the Council

Public Liability

Public Liability insurance indemnifies the Council against claims for compensation by members of the public who have suffered a loss due to the negligence of the Council.

Theft, vandalism and accident

This scheme covers all Local Education Authority (LEA) schools contents, including windows and doors, against theft, vandalism or accidental damage.

Personal effects

A claim for loss or damage to personal effects may only be pursued if it is proven the council was negligent.

Civil litigation procedure

Information about the procedure for personal injury claims made that have a value of between £1,000 to £25,000.


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