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Review of Historic Flooding in Helston

Helston is impacted by fluvial (river) flooding from the Cober but is also heavily influenced by Loe Bar, which bounds Loe Pool and causes a restriction to outflows to the sea. The St Johns Road area of Helston has suffered from repeated floodin An 1894 report mentions that houses in Helston were submerged and furniture was seen to be floating about in the low-lying districts. There was serious flooding in many streets, .....

Last updated: 07/05/2021 08:56:01

Minerals Safeguarding Development Plan Document

Introduction Cornwall has a wealth of mineral resources. Its complex and diverse geology makes it distinctive. Current mineral extraction on: china clay aggregates (both primary and secondary) building stone and metals Some of these minerals are of local importance for construction purposes. Others, such as china clay, are of international importance. There is a need to provide specific detailed information and policy o.....

Last updated: 24/09/2021 10:07:50

What happens when a liability order is granted

If the Magistrates Court grant a Liability Order, we will write to you to let you know. You will need to contact us immediately to either pay what you owe in full, including the additional costs or to make a suitable payment plan. If you do not contact us we will take enforcement action to recover your Council Tax debt in full. A Liability Order lets us take money direct from certain benefits or your wages. Or we can ask .....

Last updated: 18/01/2022 10:59:51

Shoreline Management Plan Review 2016

A mid-term review of the Rame Head to Hartland Point (Cornwall and Isles of Scilly) Shoreline Management Plan (SMP2) was undertaken in 2016. This was funded by Cornwall Council and the Council of the Isles of Scilly.  Two reviews were conducted: one for Cornwall and one for the Isles of Scilly. The focus of the reviews was on the SMP2 Preferred Plan.  In terms of the planned policies and their associated actions (the Acti.....

Last updated: 07/05/2021 08:56:00

Dog fouling

If your dog fouls in any public area you are required to clean up, and properly dispose of it. We have introduced a Dog Fouling Public Spaces Protection Order that covers all of Cornwall. This is to ensure all areas of Cornwall have the same levels of enforcement for dog fouling.  This covers all land (with the exception of Forestry Commission Land) in the open air to which the public are entitled access (by payment or no.....

Last updated: 22/10/2021 13:33:05

Equality, diversity and inclusion in recruitment – fairness and inclusion for one and all

Fairness and inclusion are at the heart of our vision for Cornwall.  We want to make sure our recruitment and selection processes are fair to everyone.  We want a diverse workforce that is inclusive of all backgrounds, cultures and identities.  We want to attract a wider range of diverse applicants to all temporary and permanent opportunities including: Job vacancies Work experience Apprenticeships Graduate and traineesh.....

Last updated: 28/07/2021 08:16:34

Emergency Planning in South East Cornwall

There are three sites in south east Cornwall which have risks associated with their operations: Devonport Royal Dockyard ('The Dockyard') Defence Munitions, Plymouth (the storage site near the Tamar Bridge) Thanckes Oil Fuel Depot, Torpoint Cornwall Council's Emergency Management Team have involvement in the writing and reviewing of the associated emergency plans. These are followed by regular multi-agency emergency exe.....

Last updated: 30/06/2021 14:50:14

Launceston Southern Growth Area Concept Plan

Launceston Town Council and Cornwall Council have prepared a concept plan that focuses on an area south of Launceston.  It takes a proactive approach to how it believes development in this area should come forward. A public consultation ran from 29 June to 10 August 2020. Following this, Launceston Town Council reviewed a summary of the comments and amendments. Cornwall Council adopted the Concept Plan on 19 October 2020 .....

Last updated: 09/04/2021 12:21:47

Housing intelligence

This page provides key facts, figures and evidence about the housing market in Cornwall. Second home ownership The second home ownership report summarises statistics and data about second home ownership in Cornwall. Empty Homes The empty homes report details the number of empty homes in Cornwall. It also covers trends in empty homes. Gypsy and Travellers (G&T) The Gypsy and Travellers report covers Gypsy and Traveller.....

Last updated: 30/11/2021 14:55:00

Public Rights of Way Latest News

Cornwall has 4,500 km of public rights of way. It also has the longest section of the South West Coast Path National Trail. They remain open for the public to use: to get to work, school, college or university to get to medical appointments to exercise or to get to outdoor public spaces to get to shops for basic necessities to visit members of their support bubble Some people who are self-isolating have specific concer.....

Last updated: 19/04/2021 13:08:48

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