Wind turbines

All wind turbines will produce sound when rotating. This usually falls into two categories:

  • Aerodynamic Noise - generated by the movement of the blades through the air.
  • Mechanical Noise - from the generator and any associated gearbox.

The planning authority has a duty to consider the effect of noise as part of the planning process. A noise report, undertaken by a qualified acoustician, is required as part of the wind turbine planning application. To enable an assessment to be made as to whether the level of noise produced by the turbine will have an adverse effect on the amenity of nearby noise sensitive premises. This could be

  • on its own
  • with any other turbines in the area

Planning applications submitted without a noise report or with an inadequate noise report will result in delays within the planning process. It can sometimes result in a refusal of the application due to inadequate or insufficient information.

Please read our Minimum Information Requirements guidance for a Noise Report.

This guidance will help expedite the planning process by ensuring all required information is included. It sets out the smallest level of information that must be contained with a noise report submitted as part of the application process.. It includes a checklist to be returned with the report.

Those reports that include a completed checklist are more likely to contain all the required information. Which in turn means delays in the planning process are less likely.

Due to the large number of wind turbines within Cornwall. Noise assessments are becoming more complex. This is due to the need to assess the cumulative noise issues. We need cumulative noise to be considered within the noise report.. Where cumulative noise is not relevant, we will need a statement to show that it has been considered.

You can find information regarding the existing turbines within Cornwall 

  • installed
  • planned
  • or within the planning system

We recommend you contact a planning officer for the most up to date information.

Our document, covers areas/issues such as:

  • Our Key Objectives
  • Definitions e.g. Small and Large turbines, noise sensitive receptors, financial involvement etc
  • Prediction methodology – e.g. model input guidance
  • Background noise monitoring - e.g. agreeing locations before survey.
  • Cumulative noise – screening for cumulative noise, using consented levels in the assessment
  • Micro-siting
  • Example Conditions

If you plan to submit a wind turbine planning application Please ensure your acoustic consultant is provided with a copy of this document.

Applications with no background monitoring (simplified noise limit)

  • Karen German: 01579 341386
  • Chris Selby: 01209 614338

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