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Emotion coaching

Helping your child to manage their feelings and behaviour

Adults can help support children and young people with their feelings and behaviour. This can be done using an approach called Emotion Coaching. It provides adults with a way to help children understand the different emotions they experience, why they occur, and how to respond to them. 

Our Educational Psychology Team have created five short films to help you. These use Emotion Coaching to support emotional regulation; while building positive relationships through:

  • empathy
  • atunement
  • understanding, and
  • respect

The films are designed to be viewed in the order they appear below.

This film introduces Emotion Coaching and explains the background that supports using the approach


This film outlines features of Emotion Coaching. It also outlines other parenting approaches


This film details the first steps you need to work through as an Emotion Coach: (Empathising)


This film continues to outline steps that you need to work through as an Emotion Coach:

  • Validating and labelling feelings
  • setting expectations, and
  • problem solving / guiding with the child


Our final film summarises the benefits of Emotion Coaching. Ideas and resources to support children to manage their emotions are shared


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