Prevention Services

The Social Inclusion and Empowering Independence contracts started October 2019. These services help people with health and wellbeing needs to:

  • feel belonging and connected to their local community
  • manage their health and wellbeing as best as they can themselves
  • develop skills to help with daily living tasks

Social Inclusion

This service helps people to connect and find support in their local community. This could be help to find a volunteer for social or practical support, or a local peer support group. They can also help local support groups to get started.

Empowering Independence

These services help people with their daily living skills. Support is in people's own homes and in supported accommodation settings. This could be support with housing, budgeting, managing domestic tasks, or attending appointments.

How to refer to the new services

The leaflet below includes more information including how to make a referral.

Inclusion and Independence Services

If you would like to request printed copies of the leaflet please email

Engagement and Consultation

From September 2016 to October 2018 we talked to lots of people about what services we need. People told us they want to take more responsibility for their own wellbeing. People also want to be as independent as possible and be part of their local community.

More information is available in the reports below.

Adult Social Care (ASC) Prevention Offer

The ASC Prevention Offer describes how we will promote wellbeing and support independence.

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