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Trees in the Environment

Environment Service Tree Resources

Cornwall Council’s Environment Service provides environmental and educational resources related to trees.  This includes for example information on orchards, hedges, ancient trees, elms, woodland management and the Cornwall Tree Warden Scheme.  There is also information on invasive species.  You can see the Environment Service information using this link: Trees, hedges and woodlands

Forest for Cornwall

Forest for Cornwall aims to cover approximately 8,000 hectares - that's about 2% of Cornwall's land area or 15,000 football pitches!  This includes everything from planting a whole woodland to:

  • individual trees in gardens
  • hedgerows
  • urban trees
  • parks across Cornwall

The Forest for Cornwall is a key part of Cornwall Council's carbon neutral strategy.  

  • Individuals
  • the community
  • landowners
  • farmers and 
  • businesses

can all use Forest for Cornwall to help them with tree planting projects.  You can learn more using this link: Forest for Cornwall

Parks, open spaces and woodlands

Cornwall Council looks after many parks and countryside areas as well as running projects for green infrastructure and biodiversity.  For example, this includes:

  • Tehidy Country Park and its woodlands
  • the Green Infrastructure for Growth and
  • Making Space for Nature projects and nature reserves.

You can find information on open space standards and requirements using this link: Parks and open spaces

Pests and diseases affecting trees

Pests and diseases can have a dramatic effect on our trees and the wider landscape.  For example, Dutch Elm Disease changed the composition of our hedges and woodlands by almost eliminating the previously prolific elms.  Now Ash Dieback may have a similar effect on our ash trees, which are a key species in our landscape. 

  • Resilient and diverse tree planting and
  • good woodland and tree management

can play a significant role in supporting our tree populations in the long-term.

You can find current information on tree pests and diseases using these links:

You must notify some pests and diseases to the Government.  You can find a downloadable matrix on the Government website at: Guidance on reporting a tree pest or disease.

Additional resources

The Landscape Institute has some resources if you need to specify plants and trees.  It includes a Biosecurity Toolkit for landscape consultants.  You can find this information using this link: Plant Biosecurity Toolkit

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