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Planning performance agreements

A Planning Performance Agreement (PPA) helps manage the planning process. The Local Planning Authority (LPA) and applicant can use it to agree:

  • timescales
  • actions
  • resources.

PPAs are useful at:

  • the pre-application stage
  • the planning application stage
  • the post decision stage
  • any combination of these.

You could have a PPA for any application. They are more effective on larger, complex proposals.  We recommend our pre-application advice service for all types of proposals.

Advantages for using PPAs are:

  • issues identified at an early stage
  • consultees identified at an early stage
  • guaranteed timescales
  • scheme managed throughout process
  • clear communication
  • better working relationship
  • consistent approach from officers
  • advice from key consultees.

For more information, see our Planning Performance Agreement Charter.

Please complete the PPA notification form.  Please include this form for all applications using the PPA process. 

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