Tackling racism in Cornwall

Racism has no place in our society or communities and it is unacceptable. While Cornwall is considered to be an open and welcoming place, for many this is not always the case. We want to become an actively anti-racist place to live, work and visit. We recognise that we must do more to address racism and inequalities within our communities.

Following the global reaction to the death of George Floyd in 2020, partners in Cornwall joined together to form a Steering Group. The Group developed some recommendations for leaders in Cornwall. They included practical actions to help eradicate all forms of racism. The Leadership Board endorsed these recommendations on 18 September 2020 and made a strong public statement during October's Hate Crime Awareness week. Board members provided a progress update in March 2021.

Leadership board recommendations

What are we doing?

Gyllyn Warbarth, Together We Can: The Cornwall Plan sets out our 2050 vision. This puts a fairer, more inclusive and compassionate Cornwall at the heart of plans for the future. A vision where we close the gap in life chances so everyone has space to breathe, space to grow, space to thrive. The Plan includes ways to track progress. It also ensures everyone can thrive in a diverse, inclusive and anti-racist Cornwall.

As a Council and with partners, we continue to focus on promoting racial equality in Cornwall. We are;

  • taking forward the recommendations approved by the Leadership Board;
  • working with partners on an inclusive model to take forward race equality; and
  • reviewing our equality and diversity policies and recruitment practices.       

We have already:

  • changed our equalities statement in job adverts
  • introduced a pilot for anonymised recruitment
  • introduced new training modules for staff
  • focused on attracting ethnic minority graduate employees

We recognise that we need to identify racial inequality and unconscious bias in the workplace, so that we can challenge it.

Race Equality Matters

In February 2021 we joined Race Equality Matters, a collaboration of companies, organisations, race networks, experts in the field, allies, and employees aiming to improve workplace equality across the public, private and charity sectors. 

Race Equality Matters has a variety of solutions that help to promote race equality within the workplace. It provides tools and workshops on how to take forward these solutions.

  • Race Equality Week - in early February
  • Tea Break
  • Safe Space
  • The Big Promise
  • #MyNameIs campaign
  • Virtual Badge campaign

Tea Break sessions are one-hour themed, online discussions providing the framework and opportunity for an organisation to hear the honest voice and feelings of its colleagues about race inequality. We held our very first Tea Break session about Race and Identity in the Workplace during Back History Month 2021. Our next Tea Break will take place on 3 March and focus on ‘allyship’.

During this year's Race Equality Week we are promoting the #MyNameIs Campaign. This is a campaign that promotes the importance of pronouncing names correctly by encouraging the use of a phonetic spelling tool.

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