Equality Diversity and Inclusion Strategy

Our Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Strategy describes what we plan to do over the next four years to deliver better outcomes for those living and working in Cornwall through levelling up life chances across the diverse communities of Cornwall.

It will help us meet our responsibilities under the Public Sector Equality Duty and help us ensure that what we do is always for the benefit of Cornwall’s residents.

The strategy sets out our commitment to equality, diversity and inclusion, with objectives based on the evidence we have. You can find some of the evidence in our new Equality and Diversity Dashboard. There is a video on the same page to help highlight content and features for users.

However, we recognise that there are gaps in our knowledge. We want to get a wide range of views on the aims and objectives set out in the strategy to check that we are meeting the needs of as many people as we can.

Below are the full and summarised versions of the Strategy:

 These versions are currently being revised following a public consultation held between June and September 2022. The consultation report can be found on the Let’s Talk Cornwall website.

The revised strategy will be published after it has been approved by Cabinet, scheduled for 8th February 2023

Our latest statutory public sector equality duty return can be found below: 

This return is based on objectives agreed in 2017. Future returns will set out progress against objectives in this strategy.

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