Refugee Resettlement

The Resettlement Service


The aim of the Resettlement Service: 

That individuals lead safer, happier, more fulfilling lives. And can make positive contributions in their new communities.

The role of the Resettlement Service: 

To work with all partners to enable the needs of refugees to be included within ‘business as usual’. As Cornish residents.

Cornwall Council have committed to support the global humanitarian response in resettling refugees and asylum seekers. So, that they and their families can rebuild their lives. Whilst contributing both economically and culturally to Cornwall.

Serena Collins is the Cornwall Council Strategic Lead for the Resettlement Service.

‘Refugees are skilled people. Often with expertise that can add to our own rich culture. We want to enable Cornwall to fully realise the benefits of their arrival.

We know that misinformation can be used by the minority, to heighten ill feelings towards these vulnerable people.

So, we are determined to make sure people are given the facts about resettlement in Cornwall. And can see the worth in helping refugees and asylum seekers start a new life in peace and safety.’ 
                                                   (Serena Collins, Strategic Lead, Resettlement Service)


You can contact Serena Collins via email here

Cornwall Council's Resettlement Service works to help refugees and asylum seekers integrate into and strengthen our communities. It is funded by the Home Office and includes the Refugee and Asylum Seeker Outreach Team.

Find out more about the work of the Resettlement Service in the Changing Perspectives booklet.

Download the Changing Perspectives booklet

Refugees: in their own words

As part of Refugee Week 2023 we created videos to share the stories of refugees in Cornwall, in their own words.  Every day, people and families who’ve been forced to flee their homelands and become refugees, are starting new lives here in Cornwall.

These films have been made at the request of the Cornwall Resettlement Service to bring to life the human stories behind the word ‘refugee’. 

We are very grateful to the people interviewed for sharing their stories and thank them for their time and openness.

People may find the content of this film upsetting. As the interviews describe traumatic experiences of people being forced to flee their homes.

These are their stories:


Refugee and Asylum Seeker Alliance

The Resettlement Service is in partnership with Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum (VSF). Creating a new Refugee and Asylum Seeker Alliance. This will follow the same format as other VSF alliances. Such as, the Children and Young People alliance.

The alliance will discuss key topics such as skills, employment and community activities. To support individuals and families resettle into communities within Cornwall. With guest speakers to feature at specific meetings.

The purpose of the alliance is to share ideas and create a community of credible voices. To provide a collective support offer for resettled communities within Cornwall. Whilst working in local areas to build understanding for the future.

If you would like to find out more, please contact Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum.

Details can be found on their website:

Cornwall Voluntary Sector Forum website

Provide feedback to the Resettlement Service

If you would like to submit any general compliments and complaints, please email Cornwall Council customer services,

For specific comments or queries, please contact Resettlement Service directly via email at

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