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Supportmatch Homeshare

What is Supportmatch Homeshare?

Supportmatch Homeshare matches together:

  • single people looking for a home 
  • people with a spare room to let.

Who can it help?

This scheme could help if you are single and:

  • need to find a home 
  • have some spare time to offer to help with household tasks
  • would consider sharing a home with someone needing practical support and companionship.

If you’d like to find out more

Supportmatch can provide more information and answer any questions. Feel free to include a family member or friend in any conversations.

Cornwall Council have partnered with Supportmatch Homeshare. This partnership aims to support people to find an affordable home. Homeshare is about people helping each other and creating meaningful relationships.

Please note: there are some fees payable to Supportmatch to take part in this scheme.

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