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Making day to day life more comfortable

Often, the smallest of changes can make the biggest difference in allowing an individual to maintain an independent and fulfilling life. Our range of equipment designed to make day to day life more comfortable includes ergonomically designed accessories such as cutlery and shoe horns, as well as walking sticks, chair adjustments and specialist beds and seating.

Please contact a member of our staff for personalised recommendations. In the meantime, we have provided a number of key areas below that you may want to consider: 

These accessories are designed to provide you with greater freedom by simplifying the jobs that make up everyday life.  

These may include adapted cutlery, long handled grabbers, key holders and button hookers, among many other things.

Our range of toileting aids, personal products and protective coverings may boost your confidence, whilst our wide selection of commodes, toilet seats, and rails make life easier and give you back your independence.

Our range of products that may assist you in having an easy and enjoyable bathing experience include bath lifts, bath boards, seats, shower chairs, grab rails, bathing aids and accessories

Riser recliner and high backed chairs are designed to make sitting more comfortable, whilst specialist beds can ensure a good night’s sleep.Slight adjustments to your bedding and seating can make all the difference to your levels of comfort.