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Getting around more easily outside

It may be that additional equipment is required to ensure you can continue to fulfil everyday tasks and retain an active social life outside of the home. Our range of external mobility equipment is specially tailored to an individual's home and geographical environment, and it is useful for one of our trained assessors to visit and advise prior to purchase.


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Zimmer frames and wheeled walkers may help assist people having walking difficulties to move around inside and outside of the home without the need for a wheelchair.   For added convenience, they may come with basket to carry bags or trays to carry plates or drinks.

Our range of portable, midi and road scooters are suited to different activities and designed to allow you to travel comfortably and independently over short – mid distance.   They come in different colours and with a selection of accessories available.

Our wide variety of wheelchairs are designed to suit every need, from economy chairs for light-medium use to heavy-duty chairs for everyday use. Power assist boxes can also be added for users would like to retain the control of a wheelchair but need a little help with hills.

Power chairs can be bought for either indoor or outdoor use, or both, and are often a good option for individuals likely to experience fatigue.   They benefit from being very manoeuvrable, able handle uneven terrain and user friendly.