Getting around more easily outside

Often, mobility equipment can help with everyday tasks. These can improve physical activity, social life and movement outside of the home. Our tailored range of equipment is designed for your specific environment. For further information, a trained assessor can visit and offer advice.


For those with walking difficulties, Zimmer frames and walkers can be a great help. These devices allow movement inside and out of the home, without the need of a wheelchair. For added convenience, they may come with a basket to carry bags, or trays for plates or drinks.


We stock a range of portable, midi and road scooters for short to mid-range travel. For outside activities, our equipment permits comfortable, independent travel. Your scooter can also be coloured and accessorised to your taste.

Manual Wheelchairs

Ongoing wheelchair development means that many designs are available. Economy chairs are a great fit for light to medium use - while heavy duty chairs suit everyday use. Heavy duty features include a power assisted box so that wheelchairs can adapt to a hill climb.

Power Chairs

If you experience fatigue, a power chair option would suit both indoor and outdoor use. Not only can they handle uneven terrain, but are maneuverable. The chairs have also proved to beĀ  very user friendly.

Ceiling track hoists can be an option if floor based lifts present problems. Also, hoists may need only one person to operate them.

Man trialling a scooter at Tremorvah
Tremorvah Stairlifts And Hoists
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