16+ supported lodgings scheme

What is supported lodgings?

There are many types of supported lodgings schemes however the 16+ Supported Lodgings providers rent a room in their home for a young person ages 16-18. Providers are expected to provide the young person support, encouragement and guidance to develop practical skills and the confidence to live independently.

The young person becomes part of the household and shares the facilities. Providers are expected to take an interest in the young person's welfare and progress, reporting any concerns to their workers.  Training will be available to help you.

Who can be a provider?

You do not need formal qualifications to be a provider.

What is important is having an interest in young people and having the skills, boundaries and qualities to support them to reach their full potential. 

Do you have?

  • An understanding and respect for all young people
  • The ability to interact fairly, honestly and openly
  • A calm, relaxed and friendly attitude
  • A good sense of humour

Young people will receive:

  • their own door key
  • a home environment that is welcoming and safe
  • a hot meal every day
  • up to 12 hours support a week

Financial support

Supporting young people in this way is an exciting and rewarding experience.  You will be paid rent for your room, your support and a contribution towards utilities.

  • Do you have a spare room to rent?
  • Can you help a young person in their transition from care into adulthood?
  • Can you help a young person to develop their practical skills and emotional stability?

If you have suitable accommodation, and the willingness and ability to offer practical and emotional support to young people leaving care, we would like to hear from you.

Contact us for further information and to request a 16+ Supported Lodgings Pack.

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