Technology Enabled Care

What is Technology Enabled Care?

Technology enabled care (TEC) is one of the solutions for independence as part of the community health, care and wellbeing system for Cornwall.

The term technology enabled care includes telehealth, telecare, telemedicine, telecoaching and self-care services. TEC can help to put people in control of their own health, wellbeing and support. It helps to keep people safe, well and independent and offers them and their families peace of mind.

TEC can include personalised sensors and apps. These can be used to support fitness, health, care and wellbeing for individuals and carers. Other terms used to cover TEC services include:

  • assistive technology
  • digital health
  • health IT
  • mHealth
  • eHealth
  • smart home technologies
  • artificial intelligence
  • internet of things 

How could TEC help with my situation? 

How could Technology Enabled Care (TEC) assist in your day to day situation?

There is work going on to further improve the TEC offering, but what is available right now and via whom?

Go to the: Interactive guide to find out how TEC can help you. 

See more about what is currently offered - including guidance information on what is what.

How TEC has supported other people with their independence

See some typical examples in these videos:

The wider TEC world in Cornwall and Isles of Scilly - what is happening?

Technology Enabled Care (TEC) is here in Cornwall.

There are a number of projects and programmes across the CIoS Health and Care Partnership to update and embed TEC  for Adult Social Care and Health across Cornwall.

For example, care homes in Cornwall have different levels of information technology (IT). This affects their ability to use technology enabled care and remote monitoring capability.  The Care Homes and increasing digital capability page has more information on progress in this area.   

We are also working with partners and universities to develop new technology to support people to meet their needs in different ways and to live more independent lives. Find out more about the programmes:

From time to time, the Council runs small capital grant scheme/s.  These are a jigsaw type of funding stream to hopefully stimulate local TEC solutions for new or existing projects to use across Adult Social Care and Health in Cornwall. 

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