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Engineering, Workshops and Stores

The Engineering, Workshops and Stores team based at Service Headquarters, provide:

  • A 24hr, 365 days a year out of hours response system
  • Respond to vehicles or equipment with a defect outside of the normal working hours
  • Help the Service to keep all stations and vehicles “On the Run” (the term we use when a vehicle is ready to respond to a 999 call).

If the appliance or item of equipment cannot be fixed, then a spare appliance or piece of equipment will delivered.

The team help to deliver services to:

  • keep appliances running
  • equipment working
  • uniforms stored
  • and much more

Job Roles

Job roles within workshops include:

  • Vehicle mechanics, responsible for the maintenance and repair of all Service vehicles and equipment
  • Fabricators undertake modifications to vehicles and also undertakes minor bodywork repairs
  • Equipment technicians are responsible for the maintenance and repair of:
    • branches
    • standpipes
    • pump adapter
    • general kit fitted to our vehicles
  • Stores personnel are responsible for:
    • Ordering stock
    • Storing parts for the vehicles
    • Storing operational equipment
    • Dispatching items when they need replacing

Working with the service

As well as providing cover to stations the team also supports with incidents by providing:

  • Spare breathing apparatus sets and cylinders
  • Foam
  • Spare fire kit

Follow the team on Twitter

The team have a Twitter account (@workshopsCFRS). Follow them to find out what they do with the wider Service, Council and the general public. Being a “behind the scenes” department has meant in the past that their work would go unseen.

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