Service careers

Find out about the different types of jobs and careers within Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service.

Wholetime firefighter

Being a firefighter is not just about fighting fires. An important part of today's service is fire and road safety prevention and education. When an emergency does occur, our firefighters are fully trained and equipped to deal with a range of emergencies.

On-call firefighter

On-call firefighters are people who live or work 5 minutes from their local fire station.

They are ready to respond to:

  • fires
  • road traffic collisions
  • flooding
  • any other emergency situation

Support and non-operational staff

Non-uniformed positions provide a vital support role in a variety of different functions. These include:

  • mechanics
  • technicians
  • administrative staff
  • managers
  • driving instructors

Support roles are advertised on the main Cornwall Council careers page.

Critical Control Centre

The Critical Control Centre handles over 13,000 emergency calls a year. Firefighters (control) are the first point of contact for people contacting the Fire and Rescue Service in an emergency. It is important that they have the ability to act calmly and efficiently whilst providing reassurance to the caller.

Critical Control Centre roles are advertised on the main Cornwall Council careers page.

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