Integrated Risk Management Plan 2021-22

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Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service is part of Cornwall Council and sits within the Neighbourhoods directorate. Each service within the Neighbourhoods directorate writes a service plan outlining their priorities and objectives and how they work together. Our Integrated Risk Management Plan is the service plan for Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service.

What is IRMP? 

All fire and rescue services in England have to develop an Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP), in line with the Fire and Rescue National Framework for England. Integrated risk management plans are required to cover a minimum of three years.

The IRMP identifies and assesses all foreseeable fire and rescue related risks and sets out how we plan to mitigate them. We develop a Risk Based Evidence Profile - Strategic Assessment of Risk document every year which provides the details. 

Integrated risk management planning is designed to give fire and rescue services the flexibility to use resources in the most effective way to save lives, improve public safety and reduce emergency incidents. Every year we review the plan against:

  • emerging evidence
  • risks
  • the changing context of local government and council budgets and priorities.

IRMP reviews

Other key documents:


Our 2019-2022 IRMP was agreed in consultation with our communities. Each year we review our 3-year Integrated Risk Management Plan (IRMP to consider any changes, locally or nationally, that might impact on what we need to do, and how we do it. As part of the annual review we have consulted our communities on some of the changes that we have made.

Annual Statement of Assurance

We also need to produce an Annual Assurance Statement every year as part of the Fire and Rescue National Framework for England. The purpose of the statement is to provide assurance to communities and the Government that the service is being delivered efficiently and effectively.

End of Year Report 

Each year we also create an end of year report to assess progress against our plans, to understand where we are now and where we want to be in the future. The report both celebrates and challenges our performance to date and informs our future.

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