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Our Risk Profile

The Community Risk Profile (formerly known as the Risk Based Evidence Profile) is produced every year to provide a comprehensive understanding of the risks relating to fire, rescue and road safety in Cornwall.

It includes a wide range of information about incidents responded to by Cornwall Fire and Rescue Service. This information is used to inform our Community Risk Management Plan as well as how we plan our community safety initiatives and campaigns within the service.

The Community Risk Profile has been broken down into four separate reports which can be accessed individually. These are:

  • Community Risk Profile 2023/24 – an overview of our highest risks so we can plan our service focussing on the greatest risk and need,
  • Cornwall Profile – a profile about the make-up of our communities and some factors we need to consider when delivering services,
  • Operating context – a summary of some of the main challenges and opportunities facing the service including political, legal, environmental, economic and social factors,
  • Local and national resilience – information about how we prepare for and manage risks including flooding and terrorism.

This information helps us to understand the risks facing our communities and service. In a time of budgetary pressure, this information is important in making sure we make the best use of our resources, provide value for money and deliver effective services focussing on risk.

For more information about what we are doing to address these risks please see our plan.

Community Risk Management Plan

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