Accident prevention and health at work

Conditions and working practices

We investigate complaints about conditions or working practices that come under the Council’s jurisdiction.

Please contact us if you have any concerns about

  • health and safety in a particular premises
  • conditions
  • working practices
  • undertaking an activity which you feel compromises your health or safety

Our investigation will depend on the circumstances of each complaint. We may visit premises if there is the possibility of significant risk to the health and safety of employees or the public.

In other circumstances investigation may be by undertaken by telephone with written confirmation.

We will always try to keep your details confidential. On some occasions it may be necessary to disclose them but we will always check with you first. Sometimes the person concerned may guess who has made the complaint.

Accidents at work

Accidents in the workplace can take a terrible toll, both in terms of economic cost and human suffering. Most are preventable and increasingly, they are leading to compensation claims or other legal action.

There is much that can be learnt after a workplace accident has occurred but it is much better to prevent these accidents happening in the first place.

Consult with your colleagues and employees about the various work activities that may cause harm to themselves or to visitors. Once these have been highlighted, take measures to reduce the likelihood of them occurring. More often than not simple inexpensive measures are all that are required.

Key areas of risk that you should focus on include:

In order to assist businesses in the management of these specific risks, we have also produced several self-assessments. These forms are free to download and cover many risks in the workplace.

What you can expect of regulatory services within the Public Protection and Business Support Service can be found by visiting our Regulators Code page.

Regulators Code information

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