Empty properties

Empty Properties are a wasted resource that could provide much-needed homes. They can be an eyesore for local residents and cause other concerns.

Cornwall currently has a high housing need, with many pressures on the housing market. Our Help for Empty Properties leaflet giver more information.

In addition to planning for new housing development, we are working towards bringing empty properties back into residential use and helping to meet housing requirements. This also helps us continue to raise housing standards.

What can we do to help you?

We offer a range of help for owners of empty properties:

  • Low cost loans scheme
  • Letter of evidence for VAT savings
  • Other advice about bringing empty properties back into habitable use.

This can be for:

  • empty residential properties
  • empty non-residential properties that have valid planning permission for the required change of use.

Report empty properties to us

Report empty properties

Money off Council Tax for empty homes

If your home is empty you may be able to get some money off your council tax or even an exemption

Empty property loan

We offer short term, low interest loans for properties that have been empty or unused for at least six months.

Read more on our empty property loan page.

VAT savings for empty properties

Information on VAT savings and council tax discounts for empty properties.

Responding to our letter

If we have written to you to ask if a property is empty, please let us know more about the property.

Let us know more about the property

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